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CMC Construction is committed to helping people get life back to normal after a disaster. With many years of experience in quickly responding to large commercial and residential losses and community weather events, CMC Construction serves all of Alaska.   visit www.cmcalaska.com for more details.


When you have a water, mold, or fire-related disaster, you will need experienced, qualified professionals who know what they are doing to help you put the crisis behind you. CMC Construction is a team of certified professional who are fully equipped to effectively handle all of your restoration and reconstruction needs. Our team members will be at your side immediately to help you restore your life.


Here is What You Can Expect from CMC Construction:

  •     Quick response to your call
  •     One person on our team to answer all your questions
  •     Estimates and photos sent to your insurance adjuster
  •     Ongoing follow-up on job status
  •     Billing direct to your insurance company
  •     Respect of your property and belongings
  •     Quality workmanship throughout
  •     Worry-free recovery of your home or business


Ready 24/7/365

Disaster can hit at any time. CMC Construction is always ready to answer your call and respond immediately to your emergency situation.


Loss Containment

Quick response is the most important factor in containing the loss and determining the extent of the damage. CMC Construction responds rapidly and brings the right equipment to prevent further damage. Stopping the spread of the damage reduces restoration costs and makes recovery faster.


Water Damage & Structural Drying

Water damage is often the result of flooding from plumbing failures, storms or firefighting efforts. CMC Construction team members are fully trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to extract the water and dry the area. Dehumidification equipment is deployed to eliminate moisture. Once the area is dry and moisture-free the process of clean up and restoration can begin.


Fire Damage

Fire damage requires extensive, professional assessment to determine the extent of services required to bring your property or business back to normal. Soot cleanup and smoke odor removal, along with air purification and contents restoration may be needed to restore damage from small fires. Larger fires may also require debris removal and structural reconstruction before the cleanup can take place to return the property to normal.


Wind Damage

Wind damage events can cause serious damage to your home or business property. The first step is to contain the loss by taking steps to curtail the damage. CMC Construction can board up the property and cover the roof to stop further damage. Securing the property with fencing and beginning debris removal will start the process towards recovery.



If a structure is damaged, the first concern is safety of personnel on the site. Shoring up the structure and assessing the damage are needed immediately. CMC Construction can provide complete reconstruction of your property to make it new again.



  •     Board-Ups
  •     Fire Damage
  •     Water Damage
  •     Wind Damage
  •     Vehicular Impact



  •     Water Extraction
  •     Smoke & Odor Removal
  •     Ash & Soot Removal



  •     Pack-Out
  •     Move-Back
  •     Contents Storage



  •     Framing & Finish Carpentry
  •     Drywall & Painting
  •     Plumbing/HVAC & Electrical
  •     Roofing
  •     Siding



  •     Mold
  •     Mildew



  •     Asbestos Removal
  •     EPA Certified Inspection
  •     Work Area Preparation
  •     Work Area Access Control
  •     Cleaning and Waste Transport



  •     Multifamily or Single Family
  •     Interior & Exterior
  •     Occupied & Unoccupied
  •     Kitchen Upgrades
  •     Bathroom Upgrades
  •     Flooring Upgrades



  •     Demolition
  •     Structural Framing
  •     Roofing
  •     Finish Carpentry
  •     Complete Interior Finishing

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