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Flood Restoration Services



Flood & Fire Solutions responds quickly to water damage calls; response time is key. We provide free inspections of the situation. When we get your call, we will inspect the damage, assess your property’s needs, and work with you to plan the best way to help you return your house to the home you know and love. Our goal is to not simply clean up the mess and patch what is visible, but also prevent any future damage from mold or water that could affect your home. We use moisture meters and thermal cameras to help identify what areas have been affected by the water damage. These non-invasive detection methods ensure we make the correct decisions at critical times.

Dry Out

Once we get the go ahead from you, we can start our restoration process. Water is commonly trapped in walls, ceilings, floors, and between different layers of building materials. For untrained eyes, it may be easy to miss or inadequately care for water damage in affected areas without the right equipment for the job. Flood & Fire Solutions is loaded with an arsenal of specialty equipment that is used for drying a variety of different materials–even in the hard to reach areas.


Other companies put value on what they can tear out, but CMC Construction LLC. values what we can save. We aim to restore or salvage as much as we can for you before considering what we need to take out. There are few instances when significant demolition is required when extensive water damage is not caught or dealt with in a timely manner. CNC Construction LLC. will always get your approval before doing any kind of demolition.


We recognize that the idea of calling yet another round of businesses to find someone to rebuild after the clean up is an unnecessary hassle. We make the process smooth for you by offering not only the clean up and remediation services, but also reconstruction services. With over 100-years of combined experience in construction, our rebuild team has the skills and connections to restore your home properly.

Hardwood Restoration

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your beautiful hardwood floors. Whether it is damaged, warped, cupped, crowned, or swollen, we can restore your hardwood floor if caught in time. Dishwasher leaks, fridge leaks, and kitchen plumbing leaks are some of the most common causes of damage to hardwood flooring. Call us immediately if you suspect that water that is trapped under any flooring as it can lead to bacteria, mold growth, odor, rot, and deterioration. We provide free inspections of your floors and can recommend a course of action.

Contact Us

Call a qualified restoration pro as soon as you see the signs of water damage. If you fail to get prompt water damage restoration assistance from properly trained and certified professionals, you could be putting your health and safety at risk. The sooner you call, the sooner we can be there and the more we can save for you. Don’t hesitate, call us at (907) 646-0990.

Risks of Water Damage and Flood Damage

In most water damage cases, much of the damage will exist under or inside of building components such as walls and flooring. Severe water damage can lead to discoloration in carpeting, furniture, walls, and wood flooring. Musty odors are usually accompanied by significant bacterial and mold growth. Structural components may begin to soften from lack of proper drying processes, causing rot and decay.

Water Damage from any source can turn your home upside down for what feels like forever, but water damage that is left untreated can cause long term problems and expensive repairs down the road. Insurance may also deny a future claim if it is discovered the problem was not mitigated properly in a timely manner.

Getting assistance quickly from a trustworthy restoration company near you is critical to saving your home from the more serious repercussions of water damage. Fast response time is exactly what you need and CNC Construction LLC. is proven fast and reliable.

We work with your insurance company to help you minimize the cost of repairs; we help you work with your mortgage company who wants to see their assets taken care of. Everyone at CNC Construction LLC. wants to get you back to normal life as quickly as possible.

We've got you covered

Flooding or water damage? Has smoke destroyed your home? Take a deep breath and give us a call. When disaster strikes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re here to lift the burden of cleanup and ensure that your property is safe, clean and restored to pre loss condition. We specialize in 24/7 emergency water damage cleanup, fire damage cleanup and mold remediation.

Here at CMC Construction LLC, we have built our reputation on being reliable and knowledgeable. From our record of performance to leading-edge technology and innovation, we provide customers with effective remediation services.

Our professionals are the best remediation experts in Alaska. Give us a call today for a free quote