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When you have a water, mold, or fire-related disaster, you will need experienced, qualified professionals who know what they are doing to help you put the crisis behind you. CMC Construction is a team of certified professional who are fully equipped to effectively handle all of your restoration and reconstruction needs. Our team members will be at your side immediately to help you restore your life.

Our reliable process

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Ready 24/7/365

Disaster can hit at any time. CMC Construction is always ready to answer your call and respond immediately to your emergency situation.


Loss Containment

CMC Construction’s swift response with the appropriate equipment plays a pivotal role in minimizing losses, assessing damage, and curbing restoration expenses, expediting recovery.


Water Damage & Structural Drying

CMC Construction’s IICRC-certified team swiftly addresses water damage caused by various factors, extracting water, eliminating moisture with dehumidification equipment, and proceeding with cleanup and restoration once the area is dry.


Fire Damage

Restoring fire damage, whether small or large, demands a thorough assessment and professional services like soot cleanup, smoke odor removal, and structural reconstruction to bring your property or business back to normal.


Wind Damage

Wind damage events can inflict significant harm on residential or commercial properties, with CMC Construction initiating containment measures through property boarding, roof coverage, fencing for security, and debris removal to kickstart the recovery process.



If a structure is damaged, the first concern is safety of personnel on the site. Shoring up the structure and assessing the damage are needed immediately. CMC Construction can provide complete reconstruction of your property to make it new again.


We've got you covered

Flooding or water damage? Has smoke destroyed your home? Take a deep breath and give us a call. When disaster strikes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re here to lift the burden of cleanup and ensure that your property is safe, clean and restored to pre loss condition. We specialize in 24/7 emergency water damage cleanup, fire damage cleanup and mold remediation.

Here at CMC Construction LLC, we have built our reputation on being reliable and knowledgeable. From our record of performance to leading-edge technology and innovation, we provide customers with effective remediation services.

Our professionals are the best remediation experts in Alaska. Give us a call today for a free quote